Russian Cupid Review

Russian Cupid Review

Russian Cupid is the new incarnation of a site formerly known as Russian Euro. Besides no longer sounding like the new currency that would be used if Russia ever joined the E.U., the look of the interface has changed and brought a few new features along with it. Still, the purpose of joining remains the same. You will find marriage-minded Russian singles in a format more similar to other dating sites than your typical mail-order-bride site.

The signup process on resembles any other dating site, with special fields pertaining to your fluency in English and Russian. From a dropdown menu, you have to select a statement about your willingness to relocate within your own country or to another country. You can of course also choose to say you won’t relocate or you’re unsure if you would.

“You will find marriage-minded Russian singles in a format more similar to other dating sites than your typical mail-order-bride site.”

You can do local searches to within 50 miles of a given city. They don’t use zip or postal codes, so you are limited to the cities that they provide within a dropdown menu for each state, province or region of a country. However, the lists tend to be quite extensive for major countries, like the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. The one for Russia also looks quite precise, but I’m not overly familiar with that part of the world.

You can now browse three entertaining RussianCupid sections: bikini babes gallery, bedtime beauties and hidden Russian beauties. In each section you will find glamorous photos of young women who could definitely be models. Now, on other dating sites, these kinds of pics might set off someone’s fakeness alarm. However, Russian wannabe brides often pose for these sorts of provocative spreads. Still, some of our surfers commented about spam emails received on the old RussianEuro site.

It is free to reply to paid members, so once you upgrade, you can connect with everyone on the site. Also, if you pay for the more expensive of the two membership options, you will have access to translation software. As far as to and from Russian, the only language paired up with it is English. However, English can then be translated into many other languages.

I can’t seem to find a link to the chat room, but apparently it appears if you upgrade. Or, as a nonpaying member, it appears if you add a photo and have replied to one message from a paid member in the last 60 days. Premium members can also initiate instant messages. At any rate, Russian Cupid gives you enough of a taste before upgrading to make it worth checking out.

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