Salaam Love Review

Salaam Love Review

Salaam Love is an online dating site destined toward the Muslim community. At first blush, it appears somewhat standard. It has all the same services that most web personals offer. There are some differences, though. Once you scratch the surface, it stands out enough from other online dating sites to truly fit its specialized niche. Unlike some of the other sites geared toward Muslims, it does not specifically state its matrimonial intent. However, given its target audience perhaps that detail is understood.

The profile process on is interesting. Supplying most of your basic information is mandatory. Obviously, there’s a section regarding religious beliefs, and you must detail your specific sect. The site’s questions go an extra step beyond where you live. You’re asked your country of origin, and you have to write essays about yourself and potential partner. What you might overlook is an optional series of short-answer questions. They definitely delve deeper and really go the extra mile.

“You can see full profile details and last login date on results, but you can’t search closer than 150 miles from your zip or postal code.”

Some ask things of a romantic nature, such as whether you believe in true love or what turns you on. Later, an area described as requesting your opinion lists one- or two-word descriptions of subjects. You can write a brief phrase describing your feelings about some rather hot topics. They run the gamut from abortion to legalization of drugs to capital punishment to the 9/11 attacks. It even prompts you with names of several politicians, too. However, they are normally the topics I would avoid on a first date. I guess it’s one way to cut to the chase. There is also a personality matching system.

Search options are limited until you upgrade. You can see full profile details and last login date on results, but you can’t search closer than 150 miles from your zip or postal code. When you’re a premium member, you can narrow down your search radius to within 20 miles of home. You will also no longer be limited to only being able to reply to instant messages and reading emails. Instead, it will let you initiate both. You’ll have the chance to respond to the messages in your inbox. You can also post a video introduction to your profile.

One thing that I would say is missing from SalaamLove is any true sense of community. There are no message boards or general chat rooms. Instead, conversations are limited to a one-on-one basis. However, for many, that may be preferable. After all, the point is to meet someone of the opposite sex. The greatest hindrance to your success on Salaam Love is the lack of visitors to the site, but at least it appears to be growing slowly in popularity.

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