Seeking Tuition Review

Seeking Tuition Review

Seeking Tuition is the place for cash-challenged students seeking someone with money to spare. The site is definitely targeted to sugar daddies and needy coeds. In theory, however, both roles can be filled by either gender. That said I only found three guys looking for a generous benefactor and only one sugar mommy. If the user demographics are skewed, it isn’t surprising – there simply aren’t that many people visiting this site.

The signup process on is relatively painless, but you’ll have to provide basic info. If you are the person looking to give a helping hand, you have to list your income level and net worth. If you’re a student, you can skip it, but there is a gift-suggestion section where you can choose the designer brand of shoes, handbags and sunglasses you like. With names like Fendi, Prada and Louis Vuitton, baby doesn’t come cheap. Finally, there are monthly tuition sections for both types of users to say how much they’ll give or need in cash amounts. It can also be left negotiable for either group.

” …there are monthly tuition sections for both types of users to say how much they’ll give or need in cash amounts.”

There are no free local searches, but at least in the US you can narrow results down to individual states. Everywhere else in the world, you’re simply left searching an entire country. I’d like to confirm that the detailed search you get when you pay is more detailed, but you just get the upgrade page whether you’re a sugar dad or mom or sugar baby. All the same, you can see full profiles and last login info. The babies can also filter for platinum, a.k.a. paying members.

When it comes to connecting with people, there’s just one option. It’s email of course and if you’re a sugar baby you can reply to messages from the paying daddies or mommies if you upload your email (with daily limits). I imagine you might have guessed from that last statement that if you’re the giving type on SeekingTuition then you need to pay to send or receive messages. I guess it makes sense that the folks running short of money can answer messages for free.

You have the option to block the info about the last time you logged in from prying eyes. You can also prevent your profile from showing up in search results. You also can’t view unlimited profiles until you pay, but your limit of five complete profiles is reset daily. All in all, Seeking Tuition could certainly do with a local search option, but at least you can check it out a bit for free before paying its high-end membership.

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