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Sex Play Cam Review used to be known as Its new design looks sleeker and streamlined, but the concept behind it remains the same. Its main selling point is that it brings adults together who wish to meet via webcam. However, it’s also an online dating site like any other, so you do have the chance to meet people in person too. I think in its newest incarnation it feels more like a real dating site, while previously it seemed like amateur porn.

It only takes a minute or two to create a profile on Sex Play Cam. You really don’t have to give any info beyond your location and what you’re seeking on the site. I should mention that you can even state that your reason for joining is to “surf amateur content,” so that’s being rather honest and direct. You will definitely find that many members aren’t shy about showing their bodies off, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for a serious relationship.

“I think in its newest incarnation it feels more like a real dating site, while previously it seemed like amateur porn.”

You only get free basic searches, which aren’t really helpful if you’re looking for someone close to home. There is a way to find someone nearby if you browse the profiles. You can sort them by who is closest to your location. There’s only one drawback: if you want to find someone near a city you plan to visit. I guess you could temporarily change your hometown to get around it.

Once you upgrade, you will be able to fully appreciate all the services offered. In fact, you have to pay if you want to actually see any of the webcams that are the site’s true claim to fame. You don’t have to have a webcam of your own to use the video chat rooms. Obviously, some members may not appreciate you watching if you can’t participate on cam yourself.

I already mentioned that some people post rather sexy photos, but apparently you can’t see all the explicit content without upgrading. If you want truly X-rated content you can spring for the more expensive of the two premium memberships to have access to some streaming hardcore feeds. I think you end up with quite an eyeful even without paying to join.

As far as standard services, there is both email and instant messaging. The major issue with SexPlayCam is that you can’t reply free to messages. They do at least let you read them, but that only makes sense if they want to entice you to upgrade. At least they don’t seem to spam members with fake admirers to get you to spend money. All the same, Sex Play Cam is experienced best by becoming a premium member.

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