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Sex Search Review leaves me skeptical when it comes to the realness of some purported members, at least those appearing on the homepage and in some of the featured ads. Some profiles seem unbelievable. When I did take the time to search for people locally, I discovered that although some teaser profiles might be slightly enhanced, there appeared to be genuine members to meet. However, comments from many people (see below) seem to suggest different opinions. Otherwise, the site has made some improvements recently.

I expect my sex dating site to provide me with opportunities for all sorts of sex, not just the usual “intimate encounter” option that you can find on most online dating sites. Sex Search lets you explore all the sex vagaries you want. If you’re looking for a threesome with a woman and two bi men, for example, you can search for it, even if you might not find it in your area. If you don’t instantly find what you want then fill out a list of desired match criteria and an email notification will be dispatched to your offsite address the moment someone appropriate joins.

“Sex Search has remained popular even if it offers no free ride, so it might seem worth it to pay full price.”

Sex Search has video chat and instant messaging for its highest-level of paid subscriber. They have also added group chat rooms for paying members. Therefore, as long as you pay to play, you’re no longer going to need to depend on email and “showing interest” to initiate hot contact. The top-paying customers also enjoy premium porn content as an enticement to join. The largest porn site on the Internet, supposedly.

The less pricey membership gives unlimited basic access to the personals side of things. But you won’t have access to instant messaging or video chat without springing for the most expensive membership. There’s not much to do with a free account as you can’t even see full-profile details or enlarged photos, nor can you send email, even though you can read emails received from premium members. At least the results page shows the last login time for each member.

For a site with limited options for its less costly subscription, I would expect to see more before being required to upgrade. Probably some marketing genius somewhere figures having a VIP room that no one can preview should get enough people to sign up out of mere curiosity without fully seeing the profiles of actual members. It seems ridiculous to not offer at least regular instant messaging to all paid members.

Sex Search has remained popular even if it offers no free ride, so it might seem worth it to pay full price. However, I’d again suggest checking the comments left by users about their experiences before sliding into Sex Search.

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