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Single Parent Love Review is a slightly odd site, in my opinion. Certainly not because I think there’s anything wrong with a widowed or divorced mother or father moving on with life, but because this site doesn’t allow for truly localized searches. I tend to think you’d be looking for someone special close to home. I mean, who wants to uproot their family while trying to establish stability? All the same, I guess a fresh start in a new place might be good too. I’ll tell you more about the limited search options later.

As per usual, you can fill out a free profile on Single Parent Love. There are several mandatory fields to complete through a series of dropdown menus, as well as two freeform essays to write. There really isn’t much specifically about your family, though.

“If you upgrade to the pricier of two membership options, you can send and receive video mail.”

I mean, of course you can complete options to display whether you have any kids, if you’re willing to relocate and what you’re marital status is. However, the same generic questions show up on any site. You can’t, for example, say how big your family is or the gender or age of your children, which is a shame.

Now on to what I was complaining about in the intro. There are no truly localized searches because you never provide a zip or postal code. At first I thought you could only narrow things down to a country and province or state. However, it’s not that bad, because you can filter basic results by a dropdown list of select cities. Currently, advanced searches are free, but they cover other criteria beyond location.

The site offers email, instant messaging and group chat rooms. If you upgrade to the pricier of two membership options, you can send and receive video mail. You can also preview video introductions. These added features are of limited value because few members have posted videos. I find that the single parents I’ve dated tend to be private people. They’re not always up for posting too much personal stuff online, so that might be a factor here.

The site has limited popularity and has even lost a bit of traffic in the year or so since our last visit. However, one thing in favor of the site is that it’s always free to reply to instant messages or emails. Of course, that makes it appealing to join for free. It also makes upgrading more worth your time. You could get a reply from anyone you contact, because you’re not limited to other paying members.

Its lack of popularity is tempered by its free replies. So, in the end, Single Parent Love is worth trying out because you have nothing to lose.

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