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Soul Singles Review advertises itself as a cool, hip place to meet black singles. They’ve dropped their slightly corny “keepin’ it real” catchphrase. Otherwise not much has changed about the site since its launch other than a healthy bump in price. I initially complained about a lack of community on the site. Even if there are still no message boards or chat rooms, they did add an online magazine a while back with articles of interest.

A number of specific questions must be answered when you make your free profile on Soul Singles. I like that this process is quite racially sensitive. It doesn’t simply lump members together into large arbitrary groups like some other sites do and it doesn’t ignore the ethnic diversity among its members. Just because people may share a part of their cultural identity, they can still have their differences.

“It doesn’t simply lump members together into large arbitrary groups… and it doesn’t ignore the ethnic diversity among its members.”

Once your free profile is created, search by keywords and within 150 miles of your zip or postal code. If you upgrade your membership, you can narrow the radius down to 50 miles from home. Once you become a paid subscriber you can send emails and initiate instant messaging conversations. You can also see who has checked out your profile in the last two weeks.

You can now not only reply free to instant messages, but also to emails. That’s a change for the better from what the site allowed before. You used to only be able to read emails and had to upgrade to reply to them. You can also send the usual free flirts to show interest in other members.

You can fill out detailed info about your ideal match and Soul Singles will generate a list of possible matches. You can go directly onto the site to see the latest profiles to fulfill your criteria. Of course, you can opt to have these matches sent to your offsite email. You can get them along with news of any flirts that you’ve recently received.

They added a travel and events section a while ago. It’s great fun, because it includes postings of some local dating events across the United States. There are also contests you can enter to win things, such as a fantasy dating experience. However, it doesn’t look like anything has been added to this part of the site recently.

As mentioned in my intro, the cost of membership went up by about 40 percent quite a while back. That may seem excessive, but the site was always rather inexpensive. In the end, it remains competitive with most sites. Soul Singles has a modest but stable number of fans, so it gives you a good chance to meet someone.

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