STDs Dating Review

STDs Dating Review

STDs Dating brings refreshing openness to the world of online dating. Everyone is honest and direct. There’s no shyness about having sexually transmitted infections on this site. It really cuts through a lot of roundabout awkwardness. It’s nice to know straightaway that you’re dealing with someone who can relate to where you’re coming from. Putting all your cards on the table makes the dating game a lot more relaxing. It allows you to concentrate on the things that really matter in finding your ideal match. has the usual sort of signup process. However, the profile questions don’t avoid the most obvious thing you’d expect them to address. You are immediately asked which STD you have. There’s a list of several options to choose from such as Herpes Type I or II, HIV, Chlamydia or thrush. There’s no choice not to be open about your situation. If you’re not willing to let everyone know the state of your sexual health then this site is not going to work for you. It takes honesty from everyone for a site such as this to function properly.

“It’s nice to know straightaway that you’re dealing with someone who can relate to where you’re coming from.”

Searches are easy enough to use. However, you have extremely limited options until you upgrade. You can only search to within 100 miles of home. The only other determining factor until you pay is age range. Obviously, it might be a bit hard to tell how many folks are in your local area until you sign up to a monthly plan. After all, you can’t see last login info without upgrading either. Once you pay then you can use all the other criteria that people use when filling out their profiles. You can even do keyword searches once you’ve shelled out for premium access.

I’ll be frank. The design of this site isn’t going to exactly blow you away. It’s rather simple. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some added features. There is a STI news section for premium members. Upgraded members also get a live chat. Something new is the site offering an STI councilor service. As a free member, you’ll find personal blogs to read. There are free message boards to check out as well. I find that if you are someone finding it hard to cope with your diagnosis, then there are many people in this online community to give you advice and support.

This site is relatively new. It really hasn’t attracted that many visitors to its pages yet. However, it does seem to have a good number of existing members already. I think that STDs Dating is one site that will definitely grow, so why not check it out for free.

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