UK Singles Connection Review

UK Singles Connection Review

UK Singles Connection is aimed toward singles living in the United Kingdom. There are, of course, members from other places, too. However, most of its members do appear to be from the U.K. That’s something that can’t always be said of some other localized competitors in the online dating world. The site does not receive many visitors. That lack of popularity remains despite lowering its monthly price. That’s surprising, because a membership costs considerably less than many other sites do.

The profile process on is a bit of a turnoff. It is sickeningly generic and utterly lacks originality. I know the U.K. isn’t as flag-waving as the U.S. can be. However, British users would appreciate something unique, I’d think. As it stands, this site is just another knockoff of your standard American site. Many companies do tailor their services to specific countries. Even many competing sites in the U.K. singles market do a better job than this site does at reaching their client base.

“You can always read the message boards to get a generalized feel of the people in the UK Singles Connection community.”

You can search by postal or zip code in the U.S. and Canada only. There is no such option for British subscribers. If you’re living in the United Kingdom, it can be tricky to search within your local area. It really depends on where you live specifically. After all, you can search to within 10 miles of specific cities on a relatively extensive list of locations in the U.K.

You can always read the message boards to get a generalized feel of the people in the UK Singles Connection community. If you switch over to a premium membership then straightaway you can join in live chats, post on the previously mentioned message boards, send and receive emails, and initiate instant messaging, not just reply. Otherwise, you can send a free prewritten e-card. You can also give a “smile” to someone for free.

The site offers some extra compatibility features. They may be cheesy to some of us, but they’re good fun for most of us. Do a personality test to mark your profile type with a special color. It will help others know whether the color of their love matches. Fill out a ranked series of questions about the details of your desired mate, and their matchmaking system will send you an email with a list of compatible people from the site.

The site should consider allowing paid subscribers to communicate with free members. It also should continue to work on improving its search engine. It would be ideal to add a postal code option for the U.K. Without attracting more members, UK Singles Connection is competitively priced but not successfully competing in its geographic niche.

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