Vietnam Cupid Review

Vietnam Cupid Review

Vietnam Cupid is a matrimonial site. It connects mostly women living in Vietnam with men living throughout the globe. I can tell this for a couple of reasons. First, there are several pages of success stories written by former members who found love through the site. In most cases, they are engaged or already married after visiting one another in their respective countries. Second, there are no local search features that many other sites offer. I’ll expand on that issue shortly.

When you fill out a free profile, there aren’t any questions specific to your desire to meet someone from Vietnam. The only exception is when you’re asked to describe your level of fluency in Vietnamese. There is also a dropdown menu asking you to choose your Chinese Zodiac symbol. They do ask, of course, that you also confirm your fluency level in English.

“…there are several pages of success stories written by former members who found love through the site.”

Let’s return to the issue of local searches. You do not have to give your zip or postal code, so you obviously cannot search by those criteria. The search engine on VietnamCupid lets you first search by country and state or province. Once you get basic results, you can narrow them down. You simply select a city from a dropdown menu of cities. I guess it wouldn’t make much of a difference to me if I were looking for someone far away from home. If you wanted to find someone from down the street, it might be trickier though. The premium search options focus on other things, such as appearance and marital status.

You can reply to emails or instant messages received from other members. However, you must upgrade your membership status to initiate messages. The same is true if you want to partake in conversations in the group chat rooms. However, once you’ve paid you can connect with members of any status. Basic or premium, they will be able to reply to you.

There are a few free sections on There is an area giving links to advice about worldwide travel. You can find out whether you need to obtain a visa depending on your planned length of stay and where you should go to obtain one. I’ve checked out a few of the links. They appear helpful in providing some basic free information, rather than being just commercial links. The main site gives free safety advice to women about online dating.

Most important about this or any site is how many people it reaches. This site isn’t the most popular dating site ever. All the same, it does manage to maintain a healthy number of visitors. Vietnam Cupid offers a real chance of meeting someone special for a long-term relationship.

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